Apple's Tune in Series

Tune-in Series is a collection of free webcasts focused on introducing educators and IT leaders to the capabilities of Apple technology in education.

In this series, we’ll focus on iPad and products available for content creation, curation, and deployment. Each day of the week we’ll cover a different subject and then answer questions from participants. Join us any weekday from April 23 to August 31, 2012, for the topics of interest to you or watch the whole series.

Monday: iPad in Education
In this session, learn about how the new iPad and iOS 5 can transform your classroom. In addition, learn about all of the content available for iPad and how your institution can purchase it.

Tuesday: Content Creation
Explore the powerful content creation apps in the iWork and iLife suites that engage students on both Mac and iPad. Also, learn about the new iBooks textbooks, and how easy it is to create your own interactive Multi-Touch books with iBooks Author.

Wednesday: Using and Creating Courses in iTunes U
Explore the new iTunes U app, and learn how to create and distribute courses on iTunes U.

Thursday: Licensing and Deployment
Learn about licensing, deployment, and how education institutions can use the Volume Purchase Program to purchase apps and books in volume and distribute them to their end users. This webcast also illustrates the important aspects of a successful iOS deployment — configuration, management, and deployment models.

Friday: Deploying with Apple Configurator
End your week by exploring the new Apple Configurator. Learn how it can be used to quickly configure large numbers of iOS devices and make deployments easy and efficient.

Weekly Schedule