Apps Used in T21 Trainings:

Book Creator - use Google Drive to upload and share folders fo books as epub books; use to upload the to upload a book as a pdf (see First Grade example)
Explain Everything - image creator, presentation tool, interactive white board, brainstorming/mind-mapping tool, and assessment tool as well as for screencasting. Suggestion: Download the manual (on the iPad) from the Explain Everything website as an iBook - it will be updated automatically.
Google Drive - for collaboration, but also for project management and workflow. Both Notability and Explain Everything can import and export to Drive -- see best practices below
NearPod - see webinars
Notability - used for note-taking, PDF annotation and writing
Paper by 53
Polleverywhere - no app yet but website used
Socrative - Student Clicker
Socrative - Teacher

SAMR Model

SAMR model - The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition Model offers a method of seeing how computer technology might impact teaching and learning.

Tips and Tools

Cool Tool - Timer: Triptico
Fist to Five


AirSketch is an app you can download to then have a whiteboard with an IP address to share.
AirPlay may be the solution that the Waltham Public Schools will provide for projecting iPads and MacBooks.

Google Drive

Best Practices:
Students create a folder and share it with the teacher:
  • Follow a specific naming convention (e.g .Course/Class-Unit-Your Name)
  • Share the folder with the teacher.
  • Insert the Document (e.g Assignment 1) in a folder, following a specific
Suggestion: Students make other folders e.g. "turn in" and "work" and "archive"
From a computer...Teachers organize the folders that students shared into a folder for the course.