The App Store Volume Purchase Program
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Purchase Apps

The App Store Volume Purchase Program allows for schools to purchase tax-exempt applications for iPad and iPod touch in volume, and distribute those apps to users.

Redeem Voucher Codes

If you have purchased Volume Vouchers (see VPP - Requisitions) you will them receive Volume Voucher card(s) with voucher codes.

1. Program Facilitator logs into The VPP Store and "Redeem VPP Credit" (upper right/clcik on Apple ID)

2. Once voucher is redeemed, Program Facilitator searches for App(s) and purchases.

New this year (2013-2014): MDM (Mobile Device Management) vs Content Codes (as described below):

3. Once purchase is processed the Program Facilitator will see a download link with the
Code Redemption link. The Excel file must be downloaded and saved (as per Waltham Public School's Business Manager.) Also make note (in the Excel file that you are saving) what iPad it will be installed on.

4. The Program Facilitator can then e-mail the link to the person with the iPad (or to the e-mail account setup on the iPad.) They will need to install it by signing into the iPad with the school Apple ID.

5. On the iPad, open the e-mail with the link. Select Redeem.

Apple Terms of Service - Apps and iBooks

Program Facilitators

The Program Facilitator(s) are the individuals who redeem the vouchers and manage license compliance. Program Facilitators can redeem Volume Vouchers through the App Store Volume Purchase Program portal. They can search for apps and order apps in variable quantities, up to the current dollar amount credited to their account via redeemed Volume Vouchers.

Generic Program Facilitator accounts for all administrators in Waltham Public Schools have been created (so they may be passed along if need be.) Contact the Program Manager (Sandra Roby) for your Program Facilitator account.

Program Facilitators can be anyone designated by your Program Manager — principals, directors, teachers, technology coordinators, or instructional technology specialists.

The Program Facilitator Apple ID may only be used in The VPP Store. It may not be used anywhere else within Apple, including iTunes.

Program Manager

There must a designated Program Manager for the Waltham Schools. Sandra Roby is registered as the Program Manager. The Apple ID is
VPP Manager login

The purpose of the Program Manager is to create and manage Program Facilitators.

Program Manager Tool Used to Create Program Facilitator Accounts

Use you Program Facilitator to shop for app codes

App Store Volume Purchase Program Portal: (Log in with your Program Facilitator credentials)

If you have a Volume Voucher, you redeem it by clicking the button that says "Redeem Voucher" and enter the code on the back of your Volume Voucher card.

To purchase apps, use the "Search" function to find the apps you want to buy and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the app is purchased, you will receive a spreadsheet containing the app codes.

Further Information

Volume Purchasing Program FAQs

Free webinars take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. (central time) at:

Apple Volume Purchase Program Webinar

The App Store Volume Purchase Program HomePage w/ FAQFrequently Asked Questions

To ask questions about the process of purchasing Volume Vouchers for use in the App Store Volume Purchase Program, call 1-800-800-APPL (1-800-800-2775).

For assistance redeeming a code or Volume Voucher, please visit iTunes Support

If you need to create an iTunes account to use for the End Users, please see these following links:

Instructions to create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

iTunes account without credit card - instructional video