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Explain Everything

Using the 'Explain Everything' App in the classroom - YouTube


Evernote for the iPad (for iOS 6) click here to learn about new Evernote version for iOS 7
Emailing to Evernote
Sharing Notes in Evernote

Google Drive

Google Drive App by EdTechTeacher
Google Drive Organization by EdTechTeacher
Explain Everything and Google Drive by EdTechTeacher
Notability and Google Drive by EdTechTeacher
How to Create Groups password protected - contact your Library Teacher by EdTechTeacher

iMovie on the iPad

iMovie version 2 Tutorial 1 4 minutes Vimeo - how to add music and video to the timeline, and how to trim, cut, and move around clips.
iMovie version 2 Tutorial 2 4 minutes Vimeo - how to import photos and add titles, as well as how to adjust the slow motion and freeze features.
iMovie version 2 Tutorial 3 4 minutes Vimeo - how to record video and voice overs, and also how to change the theme and export the final video.
iMovie version 2 Tutorial - by ScienceMan Lesson 18 minutes in You Tube - how to edit video
iMovie Trailer Tutorial for iPad 4 minutes in You Tube
iMovie IOS7 Picture in Picture Tutorial 4 minutes in You Tube
How to Add Text in iMovies - hint: google black side and save to your camera roll on iPad
How to upload iMovie to Google Drive <2 minutes in You Tube
iMovie Theatre and Apple TV

Keynote Tutorial


Notability on the iPad Note: Waltham teachers who have had Notability downloaded for the 1:1 Learning initiative have a newer version than the video. The only difference is at the very beginning of the video: The video uses the term "dividers" instead of "categories". Categories/Dividers are like file folders and "Subjects" are organized inside "Categories/Dividers".
Converting web content into PDF and then annotating with Notability

Poll Everywhere


Subtext - by Mrs, Malec
Subtext Video on Vimeo premium accounts Free vs. Premium
Subtext recorded webinars

Voicethread Tutorial

Voki Tutorial

How to Use iPad with Students

Tech Tools I want my students to....

6 Ways to collaborate with iPads in the classroom.

Technology in the Social Studies classroom: Best Practices

Technology in Social Studies Classrooms: Student Presentations

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