Apps (to pre-load) for the iPads in Waltham Public Schools

Elementary Apps for iPads
Middle School Apps for iPads
High School Apps for iPads

Recommended for classroom setting

Location Services - ON

General Settings
Sounds - turn OFF keyboard clicks
Bluetooth (under General) - ON ( for microscope, keyboards, adaptive devices, ENO blue tooth boards) Be careful because most phones are Bluetooth enabled and images can be sent to ENO boards.
Spotlight Search - All
Auto-lock (default is 2 minutes) - never (this will use more battery) for some ages/classes
Passcode Lock - 4 digit code that one would need to remember MUST BE OFF - NEED TO LOCKOUT USERS FROM THIS AREA (but how?)
IPad Cover Lock/Unlock - ON
Restrictions - use the master syncing computer to set the restrictions:
  • Deleting Apps
    Music & Podcasts - change EXPLICIT
  • Movies - change to PG or PG 13
  • TV Shows - change to TV-Y or TV Y7 or TV-G or TV-PG or T- 14
  • Allow Apps Rated 4+ or 9+ or 12+

Lock rotation
- check ON (disables the button on side)
Accessibility - consider:
  • VoiceOver (Off) - (be careful - ON only for very few)
  • Zoom (Off) - If ON:
    • double tap 3 fingers
    • Move drag 3 fingers
    • Change zoom 3 fingers, double tap and drag up or down
  • Large Text (On or Off) - can be useful
  • White on Black (On or Off)
  • Mono-Audio (On)
  • Speak Auto Text (On) (speak auto corrections and auto capitalizations)
  • Triple-click Home (change from Home to Toggle Voice-Over; Black on White; Zoom or Ask

Brightness &Wallpaper

Idea! Have kids take a picture of themselves and set as wallpaper
Auto-Brightness - ON


Whittemore implementation: each iPad should be setup with a GoogleApp account e.g. and password _ and restrict it to only mail within the Google Apps domain
Exchange server:
Domain: wpsnet
If downloaded Apps are not doing what one likes then check the settings for the App in Settings.

Apps to Preload

For ELL Grade 2 Pilot