Overview of iPads in the Waltham Public Schools


1:1 Learning Initiative


The Waltham Public Schools is piloting a 1:1 iPad classroom during the 2011-2012 school year. The selected classroom is a grade 2 English Language Learning classroom at the Whittemore School. The teacher in the classroom is Jill Gold. The Whittemore School has Aruba wireless access points in every room in the school. This will be the first test of using the wireless network with multiple devices in the Whittemore School.
2011-2012 Pilot: Storage, Security and Charging
The iPads will be stored and charged in the classroom. A mobile cart has been purchased for storing and charging.
It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to keep the cart locked and secure. The cart is secured with a combination padlock.
2011-2012 Pilot: Distribution of iPads
The classroom teacher will distribute and collect the iPads. Best Practice: iPads have been color coded with dots on the iPads that align with a small basket of same color.
The iPads will only be used durng the school day; i.e. they will not go home.
2011-2012 Pilot: Individual Device Management
Each iPad will inventoried and be labeled with a red inventory tag. In addition, each device will be labeled (using white label/Brother labeler) with Cart number and device number e.g. Cart 1 #1, Cart 1 #2, etc.
Students will be assigned to a device and use the same device each time.
Suggestion: Students use the camera and take a picture of themselves and set that as the background of the iPad. That way each iPad is easily identifiable and the students learn a skill.
Each student will be assigned a headset with microphone that is also labeled (e.g. iPad #1, iPad #2, etc.).
Best Practice: Each student has a Ziplock bag with their name on it and inside the bag is the headset and stylus).
2011-2012 Pilot: To be considered:
Settings on the iPad such as arrangement of apps, wallpaper images and more...
Lock down so teachers can load free apps and students cannot load any apps.
A WH account judithvizard@k12.waltham.ma.us and a WPS account robys@k12.waltham.ma.us have been set-up for free App installations.
2011-2012 Pilot: iPad cover:
If an iPad falls on the side or corners of the iPad it is likely to break. If the glass breaks it is non-repairable. It is impotrtant that a protective cover is purchased for each iPad. See Hardware.
2011-2012 Pilot: Stylus:
Will students be using applications that might benefit from the use of a stylus? a keyboard?
Suggestion: A stylus would be a helpful tool for students to use in some of the writing applications on the iPad. Although students may use their finger to form letters on the screen, they develop a better sense of the best way to hold a writing utensil for letter formation when they use a stylus. One option is the "pogo sketch" designed by Ten One Design. An even better way to mimic the feel of a pencil (and possibly more durable option given the rubber tip) may be with the Just Mobile AluPen.
http://www.xtand.net/cms/id/27 (short video clip illustrating stylus)
2011-2012 Pilot: Screens can be kept clean by wiping with a cloth (no cleaning solutions).
2011-2012 Pilot: Acceptable Use
Clearly defined Acceptable Use Guidelines will be developed for the use of the iPads with input from the classroom teacher and using the District's Digital Acceptable Use Agreement.
The Acceptable Use Guidelines will be communicated to students and parents.
2011-2012 Pilot: Damage or Loss
Given the iPads will be used in the classroom, under close supervision, the expectation is that theft or loss will be a non-issue.
iPad case has been selected to further protect the iPads from damage.

Preschool Special Education

2011-2012 All preschool teachers have received an iPad to support student learning. Details of the iPad purchase .