Run your own Edcamp

How to Organize
6 months planning time
2 months before get busy planning
2 weeks crazy busy planning
Limit size by common area
60% come who sign
Send out communication beforehand: let us know
App Smack down - at end

Sample schedule (Groton 3/22/14)
Students who sit by board and put schedule together

Idea - do this in school with kids

EdCamps started in 2010, in Philadelphia. by Dan Callahan - modeled after barcamp (for lawyers).

About EdCamps (nonprofit foundation)

Locally organized
Open to everyone
Democratically organized
Facilitating conversation a d people coming together to share what they know

Upcoming EdCamps

EdCamp Boston
41 hours will sell out

June 6 Edcamp at dept of Ed - 70 slots lottery system
Policy and connected educators

Burlington 1:1 summit
Dan - what is like to be a 5th grader in 1:1

Search edcamp on twitter without hashtag


MTA (recently organized an unconference on the Common Core)