Responsible Citizenship in a Digital World

Protect Yourself
I will not publish my personal information such as my contact information and my schedule
Respect Yourself
I will select online names that are appropriate.
I will be thoughtful about the images and information that I post online.
Protect Others
I will know where to find our school district’s Bullying Prevention & Intervention Plan
I will report cyberbullying.
Respect Others
I will not use technology to bully or tease others.
I will not participate in cyberbullying by posting inappropriate information or pictures.
Respect Intellectual Property
I will request permission to use resources.
I will cite any and all use of websites, books, media etc.
I will acknowledge all primary sources.
I will validate information.
I will use and abide by the fair use rules.
Protect Intellectual Property
I will request to use the software and media others produce.
I will use free and open source alternatives rather than pirating software.
I will purchase, license and register all software.
I will purchase my music and media, and refrain from distributing these in a manner that violates their licenses.
I will act with integrity.

source: Digital-ID created to provide students, teachers, and administrators with a toolkit of reliable information, resources, and guidelines to help all of us learn how to be upstanding Digital Citizens who maintain a healthy Digital Identity (ID) in the 21st Century