iPad Settings

caution: only set one accessibility at a time

General/Accessibility/Video - turn closed captioning on
General - turn voice over on
Three finger tap to turn the screen to black
Voice Over triple click home button 3 times
Speak Hints

To keep students on task (e.g. turn off home button
Settings/Guided Access (with passcode) - turn off home button, touch or shake - or draw/select area that will not be accessible. e.g. lock out the top of a web page

The following represents information presented to preschool teachers during 2011-2012 PDRT:
Assistive Technology Apps Preschool
Tuesday, November 8, 2011 PDRT
Source: Kathryn Zainea [kathryn.zainea@verizon.net]

Communication Apps

Proloquo2Go ($189.00) - a full featured communication app with voice output. Proloquo2go Keyguards
TouchChat HD ($149.00) - a full featured communication app with voice output. Similar to Saltillo communication devices. Easy to edit and offers several different page sets at different communication levels.
Tap Speak Sequence ($29.99) - used in place of sequential message switches to record and customize messages with losing any previously recorded sequences. Good for cause and effect and motor access training.
Sounding Board ($49.99) - create custom boards with AbleNet Symbols or your own photos.
First Then Visual Schedule ($9.99) - provide positive behavior support
Pictello ($18.99) - create talking photo albums and taliking books
Tap to Talk (free - low-tech) Tap a picture and it talks. Each picture can lead to another screen of pictures.

Motor Access

Sound Effect Boards (free - iPhone App) - select a sound effect, hit a big target and it plays the sound.
TapSpeak Button Standard for the iPad ($29.99) - mechanical switch that records and plays massages.
Talking Photos (free) - good for story-telling or sequencing multiple step activities photos and voice output.
Pictello ($18.99) - create talking photo albums and talking books
SonicPics Lite (free) - turn images into a custom slide show


FirstWords: Animals ($1.99) - develop fine motor skills; recognize and match letters; learn sounds of letters; names of letters; how to spell words
iWrite Words Lite (free) - a game to teach handwriting
(free) and iWriteWords ($2.99) - teaches handwriting
ABC Magnetic Land ($1.99) - names of all the magnets are read aloud; 7 catagories of magnets: numbers; capital letters, lower-case letters; shapes and pictures; symbols; fruits and vegetables; animals


MathBoard ($4.99) - app for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; random problem genreator; quiz can be timed and saved; problem solver explains the required steps to solve problem.

Fun Stuff

Itsy Bitsy Spider HD ($1.99) - 2010 Parent's Choice Gold Award
Old MacDonald HD ($1.99) - 2010 Parent's Choice Gold Award
Wheels on the Bus ($1.99) - 2010 Parent's Choice Gold Award
ClickySticky ($1.99) - animated sticker book app
Cooke Doodle ($.99) - see "Ten Ways to Teach Communication Skills Using Cookie Doodle" autismgames.blogspot.com
Doodle Buddy (free) - paint with fingers
Cat in the Hat ($3.99) - 3 ways to "read" the book: to me; myself; auto play

source: Kathryn Zainea