Apps for the iPads in Waltham Public Schools

Elementary Apps for iPads

Middle School Apps for iPads - see what was installed for Grade 6 iPad Pilot

High School Apps for iPads

Resources for Suggested Apps:
iPad As.... EdTech (Tom D'Accord)
QCSD Resources - iPad Resources tweeted by Patrick Larkin June 2013
Top Five iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas
Top iPad Apps for Education
Apple Education Resources Page

School Committee Presentation - Apps that were shown during the 1:1 presentation
Explain Everything
$2.99 ea. (1-19 units)
$1.49 ea. (20+ units)

Frog Dissection
$3.99 ea. (1-19 units)
$1.99 ea. (20+ units)

(Froguts Frog Dissection HD for iPad (also app for iPhone) )
$5.99 ea. (1-19 units)
$2.99 ea. (20+ units)

Motion Math
$2.99 ea. (1-19 units)
$1.49 ea. (20+ units)

Algebra Touch (high school)

Shakespeare In Bits: Romeo & Juliet iPad Edition
$14.99 ea. (1-19 units)
$7.49 ea. (20+ units)

Virtual Roma
$8.99 ea. (1-19 units)
$4.49 ea. (20+ units)

Apps to Explore for Elementary ELL

...recommended by teachers in grade 2 ELL iPad pilot (2012) and teachers after EDCO (2011) iPad training (and through personal searching):


Photon Flash Web Browser ($3.99) - to access flash Web resources such as,, etc. (and subscription to

General Apps for Teacher Use

Confer Lite (For Writers’ Workshop notetaking/recording)
Google Drive
Haiku Deck
MIN to Go
Blackboard! (by LOUNGE LLC)
Show Me


SpeakText for Office FREE – Read & Translate Office Documents and Web Pages) - great resource but do we need to consider ad-free version if students also use this?
SpeakEasy French Lite
itranslate - if we use, ad-free version necessary due to content in ads
MAVRO Emergency Medical Spanish - full version should be purchased to access more content
Byki Haitian Creole
MyLanguage Free Translator

General Apps for Classroom Use

Doceri Remote
Haiku Deck
Blackboard! (by LOUNGE LLC)
PBS KIDS Video for iPad
Google Earth
OverDrive Media Console (to sign out free e-books from the local public library)
Dragon Dictation

Virtual Books (LAZ Readers)

(Note: In the Waltham elementary schools some reading coaches/teachers have subscriptions to Reading, and this is the corresponding iPad component that seems to match these books.
Questions about these e- books before purchasing beyond additional free samples listed below…Can students listen to these stories or select “tricky” words to be pronounced for them if they need help? Will the students attempt to use their fingers to track the text on the iPad therefore accidentally advancing the story to the next page before they are ready?
These samples are all FREE to give a sense of each guided reading level; however, additional guided reading "sets" are available for purchase in the Apple Store:
Farm Animals – LAZ Reader (Level aa)
Maria Counts Pumpkins – LAZ Reader (Level A)
Bananas Sometimes – LAZ Reader (Level B)
The Woodsy Band Jam – LAZ Reader (Level C)
The Sky is Falling – LAZ Reader (Level D)
Making Pizza – LAZ Reader (Level E)
The Three Little Pigs – LAZ Reader (Level F)
A Seed Grows – LAZ Reader (Level G)
Math Test Mix-up – LAZ Reader (Level H)
Discovering Dinosaurs – LAZ Reader (Level I)
Riding with Rosa Parks – LAZ Reader (Level J)
How Zebras Got Their Stripes – LAZ Reader (Level K)
Introducing Planet Earth – LAZ Reader (Level L)
How to Make Lemonade – LAZ Reader (Level M)
Totem Poles – LAZ Reader (Level N)
Three Little Pigs: The Wolf’s Story – LAZ Reader (Level O)
Landon’s Pumpkins – LAZ Reader (Level P)


Bob's Books Reading Magic Lite
Duck Soup
MeeGenius! Kid's Books
ReadMe Stories
Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Suess LITE (should we consider the paid version?)
The Magic School Bus: Oceans Lite (shold we consider the paid version?)

Alphabet - Beginners

ABC Print Big Trace HD Free Lite
Kids Can Match - ABC 123, vocal memory game
Tap to Talk
ABC Tracer
ABC Easy Writer
Match ABC
ABC Alphabet by Little Sorter
ABC Song


ABC Phonics Word Family Writing HD Free Lite
ABC Print Big Trace HD

Screencasting Apps

Sight Words
1000 Sight Words Superhero HD Free
Sight Words List – Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games (Innovative Mobile Apps)
Sight Words by Little Speller
ABC Alphabet Phonics
ABC Phonics Sight Words
Sight Words by Photo Touch

Writers' Workshop

Confer Lite (For teacher use)
Idea Sketch
Idea Sketch
iTalk Recorder
Animoto Videos
Doodle Buddy for iPad
Our Story
Story Robe (.99)


Yippee Cards
ABA Flash Cards - Alphabet
ABA Flash Cards - Zoo Animals
ABA Flash Cards - Actions
ABA Flash Cards - Fruits & Nuts
ABA Flash Cards - Things You Eat
ABA Flash Cards - Shapes
ABA Flash Cards - Emotions
ABA Flash Cards - Vehicles
ABA Flash Cards - Things You Play With
ABA Flash Cards - Things You Wear
ABA Flash Cards - Vegetables
ABA Flash Cards - Musical Instruments
ABA Flash Cards - Earth Science
ABA Flash Cards - Sports
ABA Flash Cards - Famous Places
Futaba – Word Games for Kids
Learning Game - Little Matchups Fruits
Multilingual Picture Dictionary Lite (Daolsoft)
Baby Flash Cards! Free
Baby Flash Cards 2


SuccessMaker Speed Games Grades 1-6
Number Line
Calculator for iPad Free (by International Travel)
Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Simple Fractions
My Math Flash Cards App (Power Math Apps)
Guess the Number
Line 'em Up
Count Sort
What's Hiding? Lite
10 Frame Fill
A Basic Time App - Pad version
Learn Shapes Free
Clock Master
Crazy Coins
Megamind Math
Little Matchups Count Money
My Money Counter
Math is Fun - I Like Numbers Kids Book
Telling Time - Digital Clock by Photo Touch
Find Sums
Tell Time Game
Coin Math
Computer Carl
Ichoose (coin toss, yes/no, dice roll, card choice, and more options)

Math for older learners (not to be used with Grade 2)

Fraction Factory
Number Line
Equation Creator


GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad
Moon. (CDV Concepts)
Science 360 for iPad (National Science Foundation)

From Grasshopper Apps

Little Speller - Three Letter Words LITE
Kids Learning - My First Numbers Counting Game
Sight Words by Photo Touch
3rd Grade Reading - I Like Grandma
Tell Time - Little Matchups Game
Kindergarten Reading - I Like Grandpa
Reading for Kids - I Like Reading Picture Book
I Like Animals - Learning to Read Books
Learning Game - Little Matchups Fruits
Speech Therapy - I Love Mom Picture Book
Kids Can Read - I Like Sticks
I Like School - Books for Children
Math is Fun - I Like Numbers Kids Book
Kids ABC Alphabet Puzzle Game
Picture Book for Kids - I Like Snow
Telling Time - Digital Clock by Photo Touch
I Like Planes - Picture Books for Children
Kids Reading - I Like Spring
ABC Kids Alphabet Game by Little Matchups
ABC Alphabet by Little Sorter
I Like Stones
Count Money - Coin Matching Game for Kids
1st Grade Reading - I Like Writing
2nd Grade Reading - I Like Horses
Preschool Books - I Like Summer
First Grade Reading - I Like Water
ABC Alphabet Phonics - Preschool Kids Game
Sight Words by Little Speller


Overdrive - ebooks are available from the Waltham Public Schools' Libraries and the Waltham Public Library
Harold and the Purple Crayon $6.99 an interactive version of the original classic storybook by Crockett Johnson. Children can read the story, have it read to them, or choose to interact with it. In the interactive "Touch Tale" mode, children are asked to "be" Harold's crayon, using their fingers to color in the lines that Harold has drawn.

Reviews/Resources - Helpful wiki created by Watertown Public Schools ESL teachers for their ipod touch project. See the following word document for detailed descriptions of helpful apps for ESL/elementary students....

applicable2u - iPad and iTouch Review Blog by Andrea Gardner - instructional technology teacher in the Westford Public School in Central Massachusetts

IEAR - I Education Apps Review - A Community Effort to Grade Educational Apps

iOSteacher - blog by Susan Addis, a teacher of ESL students from Western Massachusetts' Gateway School District

iPad Schools - Apps reveiwed and used by teachers
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education - Sribd - Eric Sailers - San Diego teach

iRead - Apps recommended by a group of teachers in Escondido Union School District who are dedicated to the idea that digital audio can be a powerful learning tool for all students. Escondido Union School iPod Touch Video

Apps Previewed in Trainings

Apps on the iPads in the Beverly training

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