About the iPad

Sleep on/off button - takes about 1 1/2 hours to charge
Headset connection (recommend that students bring their own buds and that they are soft)
Camera (both sides)
Small hole is microphone (watch that kids do not stick anything in hole - cannot be repaired)
lock button so the image will not rotate - suggest this is locked
Adapter connector

Screen of the iPad

Hold down an App and they all jiggle. If it has an x in upper left it can be deleted (but restored from computer where you sync apps from). Those without a x are part of the system and cannot be deleted.
Stacks can be created by dropping them on each other.
Double click the center button on screen to see what apps are "open". Right swipe.

Quick double click on home button and then hold finger to get the jiggle. then close the Apps that are open.

Keyboard on the iPad

Hold finger on key and get all the variations of that letter



Note: printing requires a special printer. Waltham Public Schools will not support printing from iPad.

3G or 4 G

If students are bringing in own devices: teachers should be aware that iPads (with black top) are the 3G (soon to be 4G) and those iPads the district/teacher will have no control over (e.g. like a smartphone).