iPads in 1:1 Classroom

Summer Storage
Assuming they are not being used by the ELL students and same teacher in the summer, then the iPad cart should be locked and stored at the school. At Whittemore you might consider the library equipment room. Send an e-mail to Help on the last day of school so the whereabouts is known.
Laptop that is with the cart should be stored in the laptop cart.

Removal of Data
Data that needs to be removed:
*picture of student (wallpaper)
2 ideas: 1. e-mail picture to a home e-mail address; 2. Create a dropbox account to upload (all) pictures. You could create a DropBox account with he same e-mail name that is associated with the iPad (We did a test with shainatofias@k12.waltham.ma.us)
*student work
*recorded stories
*pictures of books
*speed games saved levels

Data that needs to be saved:
*audio files off of the iPad and save them for the current students Quickvoice - only option seems to be to e-mail files (individually) to an e-mail (perhaps a home e-mail).

Backup and Restore

Steps to do a iOS upgrade: (coming soon!)

Special Education (Preschool) iPads

Summer upgrades
iPads should be left on and charging. Cart should be plugged into wall outlet.

Teachers should sign-out a Special Education iPad(s) though the library circulation system. The iPad can be signed out for the school year.

Last week of school the teacher who has an iPad should take it to the Library and do one of the following:
1. Check it in to be stored in locked iPad cart for the summer.
2. Renew it for the summer and sign the (new - June 2012) Acceptance agreement. . The agreement should be signed by the Administrator who oversees the iPads for the Preschool Special Education program and then filed (TBD - where).