Appleā€™s iOS Deployment Technical Guide February 2014

Considerations for an iPad Implementation:**

iPad Cart

Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPads (up to 30) $2,599.95
Bretford PowerSync Tray for iPad (up to 10) $995.00

InTouch40 Tablet Cart (Spectrum) (up to 40) $1,775.00

Computer for iPad Cart for Syncing

MacBook (White/13.3" LED/2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/2GB DDR3/250GB) (MC516LL/A) - w/AppleCare Protection Plan Auto Enroll included $1,082 each

iPad 2

iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi - Black $499.00 each
iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi 10 Pack (Black) with AppleCare Protection Plan $5,380

Apple's Pricing

Protective Covers

A cover that protects the edges and corners is highly recommended. Not recommended: Apple's IPad Smart Cover.
Slide Show - Best - PC Magazine

Final purchase for preschool iPad carts:
Speck CandyShell Wrap
A greater level of protection with a hard shell outer and a soft inner shell to absorb impacts $35.50

Another option:
Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap
Provides protection for most use. $32.50.

Both cases will fit in Apple iPad carts.

Mark Frauenzimmer
Micro Enterprises
729 N Main St
Orange, CA 92868
phone: 800.982.5800
fax: 714.744.8312
Fed Tax ID# 33-0742931
Tested at Northeast and Stanley - but did not fit in cart:
ZooGoo cover - affords protection and miltiple level adjustment. $45.95 These covers, when placed on the iPads, do not fit back into the Apple iPad cart. Also they were purchased for Northeast and Stanley preschool and the corners are not well protected.
Otterbox $53.31 each Maximum protection - good for using the iPad with young children.

Other suggestions:
Griffen Survivor $35.89 each
Snugg Protective Case $19.99 each

Screen Cleaner

Inexpensive microfiber cloths (that you do not wash) for wiping screens should be purchased.


Philips Kids Headband Headphones Small for Elementary School $13.95 each


NOTE If you are using the typical 25" VGA cable on rolling carts in many of the Waltham schools, you will need an amplifier to boost the signal. Contact Mike Iodice (5483) for an amplifier.

Best results (and the highest resolution):
Use a display or projector with either the $39 Apple Digital AV Adapter (for displays with HDMI inputs) or the $29 Apple VGA Adapter (for displays with VGA inputs).

Lower resolution:
Use the $39 Apple Component AV Cable or the $39 Apple Composite AV Cable, as appropriate. E.g. a television with neither HDMI nor VGA inputs.

Apple VGA Adapter

$29.00 to connect iPad to a TV, monitor, or LCD projector that uses a VGA connector or cable Adpater with a USB slot in addition to the VGA adapter(and this adapter also has a USB connection - many uses.

Apple Digital AV Adapter

$39.00 to connect to HDTV or any other HDMI-compatible display.

Assistive Technology Devices

Proloquo2go Keyguards - iPad cases; arms with clamp to hold iPad on wheel chair. Placement can be key for some kids

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